Species Scyllarus arctus (Lesser slipper lobster)

Small lobster with reddish to brown coloration. Antennas transformed into palettes, rounded and castelalted. Present yellow rings visible on the legs, and three red bands on the dorsal surface.

May be confused with the bigger lobster, Scyllarides latus, but this species is larger, different in colour and presents a smooth border on its first pair of pallet-shaped antennas and a rounded edge on the second.

Scyllarus pygmaeus is smaller and presents characteristic white strips. Dorsal surface of its first abdominal segment presents 2 dark pale-rimmed spots.


TaxonVernacular name (ENG)
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Species profile
  • Is marine

Vernacular names for species Scyllarus arctus

Albaniangaforre si pantofle e vogëlWorms
Arabicchkal, ziz il bahrWorms, Worms
Catalanllagosta Lluïsa, xuius, cigala petitaWorms, Worms, Worms
Dutch; Flemishkleine beerkreeftWorms
Englishlesser slipper lobster, small European locust lobster, broad lobsterWorms, Worms, Worms
Frenchpetite cigale, cigale de mer, petit scyllare, chambre, cigale blanche, petite cigale de merWorms, Worms, Worms, Worms, Worms, Worms
Germankleiner Bärenkrebs, kleiner Barenkrebs, GrillekrebsWorms, Worms, Worms
GreekΤζιτζίκι, astakoudakiWorms, Worms
Hebrewkapavit dubitWorms
Italiancicala di mare, magnosellaWorms, Worms
Portugueselagosta da pedra, lameiro, bruxa, ferreirinhaWorms, Worms, Worms, Worms
Spanishsantiaguiño, toribio, cigala, bujía, cigarraWorms, Worms, Worms, Worms, Worms
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