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Based in Scotland I primarily dive from Kinlochbervie in the North West from our own... more
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Run "Ocean Discoverability" project in The Island Trust, taking disabled children... more
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Master student in marine biology at Gothenburg University. Interested in deep sea... more
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Fotògraf aficionat, amant de la natura
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Malcolm has been diving since 1984 and is based in the South West of UK. A BSAC (... more
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Professionally a computer systems engineer, he’s also an underwater... more
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Ron Lucas, a Bermudian, has an extensive website covering species from various... more
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Passionate about fish systematics, I have a Masters degree in Animal and Vegetal... more
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I like birdwatching, diving and snorkeling (and identifying what I see), filming,... more
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From the Netherlands. Crazy about diving! Always trying to get some nice footage of... more
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Conservation consultant, biologist by training with PhD in tropical ecology. Over 15... more
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Currently working as an (marine) ornithologist in the Netherlands. Studied Marine... more
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Passionate about Nature, Diving and Wildlife.

Born in 1988, diving since 2009,... more
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Wildlife and Underwater Photographer
2016 National Geographic "Nature Photographer... more
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UK based award winning underwater photographer.
web: more
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Florida Museum of Natural History
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Studied biology in Barcelona and Environmental Management at Duke University. I've... more
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