Francois Libert

Francois Libert

Passionate about fish systematics, I have a Masters degree in Animal and Vegetal Systematics from the Paris Museum of Natural History. I was a surface photographer for a long time, until I discovered scuba diving which allowed me to mix both hobbies. I find that many people are looking for specific identification information about their subjects, so I started sharing my pictures to try and help others with the information I manage to gather in this field. I photograph almost exclusively fish in warm waters, using a reflex camera and 2 strobes.

My pictures as they are available on this website can be freely used under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license (but I am always glad to be informed about how they are being used, so feel free to let me know if you use them). If you have a need for higher resolution images, or for any commercial project, please contact me.

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