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Unidentified media are photos and videos whose identification can be improved to a lower level. For example, a media with an identification to the Genus level but that could be possibly identified to the Species level. Or it could also be a media with an identification to the Family level when in fact could be identified to the Genus or to the species level.
A page that shows all materials that are not yet verified by SC moderators.
Please help us in this ongoing and never-ending task, so the collection becomes better and more useful for the community.
This page lists users who helped the most with identifications.
A very special page in Sealife Collection project. It shows media of taxa not yet described by science.
These species don’t have a binomial name yet, and usually the have a proposed Genus and a reference value afterwards.

The cryptics page is where you will find those taxons that cannot be identified to the species level or even higher taxons based only on photographic evidence. Many species can only be identified by genetic analysis or after inspecting some internal anatomic character.