Species Parazoanthus axinellae (Yellow commensal zoanthid)

Coral that forms dense colonies, of bright yellow color, that reach sizes of up to 2 centimeters in height. They have 26 to 34 tentacles arranged in two rows around the oral disc, which is with orange margins. It inhabits little illuminated areas with currents (from 6 to 200 meters in depth). As indicated by its name, it incorporates sponges of the genus Axinella, but it can be embedded on urocordats such as Microcosmus, sponges, rocks, shells and skeletons of gorgonians.


Species profile
  • Is marine

Vernacular names for species Parazoanthus axinellae

Catalananèmona incrustant grogaWorms
Englishyellow commensal zoanthid, yellow encrusting sea anemone, yellow cluster anemoneWorms, Worms, Worms
Frenchanémone encroûtante jauneWorms
GermanGelbe KrustenanemoneWorms
Italianmargherita di mareWorms
Spanishanémona incrustante amarillaWorms
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