The Sealife Collection is moving

Three years ago, a group of divers wanted to share their underwater photos on a scientific platform that could be used by contributors from all over the world. We analysed many platforms at the time but could not find any that suited our needs. There was one site, though, that was closer to what we imagined than others; this was

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New Visual Identification Key

A visual identification key has been added to our web. The goal is to help users to reach a minimum identification for their photos and reduce the amount of unidentified media. A simple drawing represents the basic underwater animal groups where users can associate a crab for example to the correct group, the Decapoda. Most users will readily identify a Lobster, and Octopus, a Snail or a Sponge, but often they cannot match them to their correct groups, Decapoda, Cephalopoda, Gastropoda and Porifera. This guide makes this correspondence very simple and visual. 

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Taxa descriptions

We are proud to announce another improvement into the site; since last week some taxa pages display a short description of the taxon, making the pages more appealing and helping us to identify them better. As you know, there are thousands of taxa, so this is going to be a long term goal, and we won't expect to fill all taxa. Our idea is to grow constantly and gather a team of editors to help both writing and reviewing the descriptions. Some descriptions will be very precise, others will just focus on widely known data.

If you want to help us with this task, get in touch!

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Top 5 videos of 2018

SeaLife Collection was launched in June 2018, and 35 contributors already joined the project and started uploading videos and photos. Today we would like to highlight the most watched videos since December 31st, 2018.

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