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Join the growing number of contributors who are already taking part in the project and by making your materials accessible to the public via the Internet, help to build this valuable source of information for scientists, divers and conservationists.

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Do I have to be an expert to contribute to the Collection?

Even if you feel the level of the photography is too high for you, don’t worry, we all started at some point and we can assure you that our first photos weren’t very good either! We want everyone to feel welcome and useful. With ID photography there is always a new species or a new detail worth the shot, so just keep trying and your photos will improve in quality and relevance. We know of novice photographers taking photos of undescribed species of fish in their first year of photography, and these were of great scientific value!

Can I still help if I don’t have photos or videos?

Absolutely. You will know names used in your own language (vernaculars) for many of the species in the database, so you can help by adding those to the taxon record. Or you might know a group of animals in pretty good detail even if you don’t dive, and you can put this knowledge to work by helping others in their identification, verifying or suggesting more detailed taxonomy.