More information on taxonomic status
    Taxonomic status:
  • Accepted - the designation adopted by an author as the correct name for a taxon under consideration.
  • Unaccepted - invalid (unaccepted) synonyms are linked to valid (accepted) taxa
  • Nomen nudum - (zool.) a name published before 1931, which fails to conform to the Code, or if published before 1930 fails to conform to other provisions of the Code; such a naked name is not an available name, and therefore the same name may be made available later for the same or a different concept; in such a case it would take the authors name and date from that act of establishment, not from any publication where it was a nomen nudum.
  • Alternate representation - (un altre tipus de sinonim. Tenen igualment una contrapartida Accepted) to link species that are represented twice: once with and once without subgenus. Alternate representation can also be used for a species and its nominal subspecies (note: you can only add a subspecies if the species is present in the database).
  • Nomen dubium - a name of uncertain application, because it is not possible to establish the taxon to which it should be referred. A good example is the "Ascothoracida" genus Laocoon. There is a debate whether this is based on a parasite or on a detached piece of the host. It is clearly a dubious name
  • Temporary name - to create higher rank taxa to accomodate child taxa for which the classification is not sorted yet
  • Taxon inquerendum - i.e. an incompletely defined species that requires further characterization, it is impossible to identify the species
  • Interim unpublished - an as yet unavailable name (until in a print issue) which has been published online only, in a work that does not show evidence of ZooBank registration (ICZN Article 8.5)
  • Uncertain - the uncertain taxon status is to indicate those taxa that the editor is unsure of the accepted or unaccepted status, or if the taxon is a nomen nudum or taxon inquirendum (or has yet to be assessed)