Species Felimare picta (Giant doris)

It is the largest Mediterratean dory nudibranch, common size is 10-15 cm. The bosy is elongated and smooth, section is rather a square. Colour of this species is highly variable, being the most common yellow and clear, but can be also blue-violet, light green or brown. Dorsal part of the body is covered by dots, spots, small circles, and thin yellow lines that are more or less interrupted. They have two lines close to the rinophores, which surround both. The edge of the mantle is irregular, forming undulations. The edge is yellow, but the periphery and below is lighter. The foot is not covered, so it is very visible. Gills are marked with a thin yellow line on its internal side and a wider line on the external side. Rinophores are lamelated and present degraded blue coloration, with the tips being the darker side, and the bases have yellow ring.

There are several sub-species of F. picta.

May be confused by Felimare villafranca but these show a greyish coloration of gills and rinophores.


TaxonVernacular name (ENG)
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  • Is marine

Vernacular names for species Felimare picta

Englishgiant doris, regal sea goddessWorms, Worms
GermanVariable SternschneckeWorms
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