Species Symphodus roissali

Males are larger than females. First can reach more than 15cm while, females rarely exceed 10cm. Coloration is variable, greenish to brown.  Eyes are red with a green-brown pupil. A characteristic trait of this species is a dark band on the muzzle connecting the eyes, and a few oblique lines on the cheeks. The body has three continuous or stripped longitudinal lines, one right below the dorsal fin and two in the upper flank. A black spot may appear in the middle of the caudal peduncle. During breeding season, males present brighter colours.

Can be confused with Symphodus melops, but these have a dark bean-shaped spot behind the eye.


TaxonVernacular name (ENG)
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Species profile
  • Is marine

Vernacular names for species Symphodus roissali

Albanianbuzoçi i zi, buzoçi pesëpikëshWorms, Worms
Hebrewשפתון ברודWorms
RussianЗеленушка перепелкаWorms
UkrainianЗеленушка перепілкаWorms
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