Species Scorpaena porcus (Black scorpionfish)

The Black Scorpionfish is a small to medium sized rockfish up to 20 cm. Very similar to Small Red Scorpionfish, they can be told apart by the tentacle above the eye. On the Small Red Scorpionfish, the tentacle is smaller than the eye, while the Black Scorpionfish has a tentacle as big as the eye itself. It lacks the tentacles under the mandible of both Red Scorpionfish and the Madeira Rockfish.


TaxonVernacular name (ENG)
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Species profile
  • Is marine

Vernacular names for species Scorpaena porcus

CatalanEscòrpora fosca, RascassaJosep Vilanova, Josep Vilanova
Dutch; Flemishschorpioenvis, bruine schorpioenvisWorms, Worms
Englishblack scorpionfish, black scorpion-fishWorms, Worms
Frenchracasse noire, rascasse bruneWorms, Worms
Germanbrauner DrachenkopfWorms
Hebrewעקרבנון קטן-קשקשים Worms
RussianСкорпена Worms
UkrainianСкорпена, Морський йорж чорноморський Worms, Worms
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