Species Mullus surmuletus (Red mullet)

Elongated and slender body, up to 40 cm. Variable colour, usually reddish with a yellowish longitudinal band from the eye to the caudal fin. Head shaped with an elongated profile. Have two well separated dorsal fins, the first of which is marked with brown and yellow bands. Have two white chin barbells longer than its pectoral fins.

Possible confusion with Mullus barbatus, but these have colorless first dorsal fin, head abrupt profile, and three large scales on the cheeks, while M. surmulentus have only two. Also chin barbells in M. barbatus are shorter than its pectoral fins.

May also be confused by Pseudupeneus prayensis, but these have a uniform colour on its first dorsal fin, with a small black dot behind the eye, and 6-8 small scales underneath the eyes.

Other species that can be confused are Upeneus pori and U. moluccensis, both of which can be distinguished from M. sumulentus by its striped caudal fins and its dorsal fins also marked with strips or dots.


Text by Pau Batlle Vilanova


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Species profile
  • Is marine

Vernacular names for species Mullus surmuletus

Albanianbarbuni i shkëmbit, barbuni me shiritaWorms, Worms
Basquebelberiña, haitzetako barbarinaWorms, Worms
Catalanmoll de roca, moll borratxoWorms, Worms
Corsicantreglia di scogliuWorms
Danishstribet mulle, mulleWorms, Worms
Dutch; Flemishmul, koning van de poon, gestreepte zeebarbeelWorms, Worms, Worms
Englishred mullet, mallette, goatfish, surmullet, striped red mulletWorms, Worms, Worms, Worms, Worms
Frenchrouget-barbet de roche, rouget de roche, surmuletWorms, Worms, Worms
GermanStreifenbarbe, Meerbarbe, gestreifte MeerbarbeWorms, Worms, Worms
Hebrewמולית הפסיםWorms
Italiantriglia di scogliu, treggia de roccaWorms, Worms
Norwegian BokmålmulleWorms
Norwegian NynorskmulleWorms
Portuguesesalmonete, salmonete-legítimoWorms, Worms
RussianБарабуля полосатаяWorms
Spanishsalmonete de roche, salmonete de rocaWorms, Worms
Swedishgulstrimmig mullus, mulleWorms, Worms
UkrainianБарабуля смугастаWorms
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