Species Parablennius pilicornis

Measures 8-12 cm. Elongated body, slightly compressed laterally. Dorsal fin covers almost the entire back. Colour is quite variable. The body is covered with a network of lines surrounding darker spots, forming a drawing that could resemble to a honeycomb, especially on the cheek underneath the eyes. The eyes are located quite high on the head and its 4 orbital tentacles have the shape of a fork. The anterior ocular tentacle is longer that the others. It also has two short nostril tentacles.

Have to be distinguished from Parablennius rouxi, which are slender and have a single continuous dark longitudinal band, from the front to the caudal fin.

Parablennius gattorugine present bushy ocular tentacles, with ramifications on all directions and at different levels.

Parablennius incognitus have longer tentacles and vertical bands are sharper than those of P. pilicornis, and narrowed in the middle, forming a chromosome-like shape.


Text by Pau Batlle Vilanova


TaxonVernacular name (ENG)
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Species profile
  • Is marine

Vernacular names for species Parablennius pilicornis

Catalanbavosa de plomallJosep Vilanova
SpanishBarrigudaJosep Vilanova
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