Species Raja undulata (Undulate ray)

Flattened body with a rhomboidal shape that can measure up to 1 m. Colour of its dorsal surface is brownish to greenish with sinuous dark lines forming a marble-like design and with white spots of different sizes all over it. Ventral surface is whitish.

May be confused with other rays like Raja clavata, R. brachyura, R. maderensis or R. miraletus, but should be distinshed from all of them by its very characteristics dorsal design. Ventral surface is whitish.


Text by Pau Batlle Vilanova


TaxonVernacular name (ENG)
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Species profile
  • Is marine

Vernacular names for species Raja undulata

Albanianraja mozaikWorms
Basquemosaiko arraiaWorms
Bretonrea roannesWorms
Catalanrajada ondulada, clavellada onduladaWorms, Worms
Dutch; FlemishgolfrogWorms
Englishundulate rayWorms
Frenchraie brunette, raie peinteWorms, Worms
GermanScheckenroche, Marmorrochen, ScheckenrochenWorms, Worms, Worms
Hebrewתריסנית גליתWorms
Lithuanianmarmurinė rombinė rajaWorms
Polishraja bruzdowanaWorms
Russianволнистый скатWorms
Spanishraya mosaicaWorms
UkrainianСкат мозаїчнийWorms
Welshmorgath donnogWorms
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