30 Nov 2018 20:09 CET

Identification state

by Francois Libert
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Taxon Chrysiptera hemicyanea (276832) has been changed to Pomacentrus micronesicus (835088)

Hi Francois,
I've finally looked through all the changes you've made and would like to thank you for the time you've taken. i think you are spot on in the majority of the cases, and probably right on many of the ones I'm not positive on. I'm at a bit of a disadvantage right now as I am in Florida for the next 3 months and all my books are in California except those on the Caribbean. The only references I have are e-books on my computer. The best one I have with me is the first edition of the Humann, Deloach, Reef Fish ID, Tropical Pacific.

The change from Chrysiptera hemicyanea to Pomacentrus micronesicus: I can't find this taxon in any of the books with me. Worms says it's a valid name and gives two sources. Fishbase is one of them, they only show micronesica in their dropdown, if I go with that they give a long list of what it might be, and if I put in the correct name they tell me there is no info. The other sources says it is a recent discovery based on 18 fish from the Solomon Islands.

On the Change from Cetoscarus bicolor to Cetoscarus ocellatus. I can't find ocellatus in any of the books with me. I went on Fishbase, and both look identical or nearly so to me. In all the life stages even. There is one picture that looks similar to one of my Initial Phase shots in ocellatus, but almost identical in bicolor. What are you using for a reference here? And above?

On the change from Canthigaster papua to C. solandri. In the book I mentioned above, the descriptions are identical except that papua has orange around the mouth.

On Pseudamia zonata to Apogonichthyoides sialis. I have no idea what this is, I called it P. zonata because it was the only Cardinalfish I could find with the paddleshaped tail. I can only find one picture of sialis on Fishbase.

Let me know what you think,

Thanks again.


Craig Howe, SC5178. Accessible at https://sealifecollection.org/p/5178.

Extended version
Craig Howe, SC5178. Photo of Pomacentrus micronesicus. Accessible at https://sealifecollection.org/p/5178.

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