The Sealife Collection is moving

Three years ago, a group of divers wanted to share their underwater photos on a scientific platform that could be used by contributors from all over the world. We analysed many platforms at the time but could not find any that suited our needs. There was one site, though, that was closer to what we imagined than others; this was Regrettably, at the time, iNaturalist had a taxonomic policy that seemed too feeble for our needs. So we decided to start the Sealife Collection to fill the gap.


Three years later, iNaturalist is implementing a well-thought-out system to integrate several taxonomic authorities in their database of all plant and animal species. The system can log exceptions and deviations, making it very robust in the long term. The Sealife Collection has some very powerful features, like video upload, that are lacking in iNaturalist. On the other hand, iNaturalist has a much stronger community, mobile apps and impressive artificial intelligence capabilities. At the Alive Fundació, the foundation supporting the Sealife Collection, we want to use our resources efficiently, so we are planning to use the iNaturalist infrastructure and move the Sealife Collection as a project inside their structure. This move will allow us to free-up many resources that are currently being used to maintain our present infrastructure.


The Sealife Collection project inside iNaturalist will have its own portal, statistics pages, users and contents, and benefit from much higher visibility to grow as a community. Our present site will be active until January 2020, after which point it will be closed. We have agreed with iNaturalist to import all the images from the contributors wishing to join the transfer in a bulk import. 


Steps to export all your images from to the Sealife Collection project in iNaturalist.

1. Visit iNaturalist’s sign up page and create a new account. You can also use your present username if you are already a member of iNaturalist.

2. Send an email to and cc with a text that includes your iNaturalist username, your Sealife Collection username, and a sentence giving permission to transfer.


With both usernames, we can link all your images and export-import them to iNaturalist. The images exported to iNaturalist will conserve the image copyrights you chose when you uploaded the images to the Sealife Collection. You don't need to do anything else, but check your account and keep uploading to iNaturalist.


If you decide NOT to move your images to iNaturalist, we will be happy to keep a copy of them in the SC database for your future needs.


We appreciate everyone’s dedication to, and we encourage you to continue the project in iNaturalist.


See you all in iNaturalist!