Sealife Collection verification process

All media files uploaded to the Sealife Collection will be marked as “Unverified”, be it a species, a family, an order or any other taxon level you used. If other users agree with your identification they can press on the “Verify the species” button. If several users or an editor verify your media, the photo or video will change from “Unverified” to “Verified” status. Most photos will remain at this verification stage, but a few photos of each species may be verified by a taxonomist editor and reach the “Taxonomist verified” level. This is our highest verification level and we intend it as a tool for the professional scientist who needs media with unequivocal identifications.

If you edit the taxonomy of your media, even if this was verified, it will revert to “Unverified” status and the process will begin again.

Other users can comment on your photos with identification suggestions, but they cannot edit your identifications. Editors however can, and you will receive notification in such cases.