I cannot find the proper species to upload, is there something wrong?

You can search for any species in the top bar search box. If you don't find the species or taxon it might be due to several reasons:

.- You wrote the species with several spelling errors. Try typing in the correct spelling. The search engine is able to detect some errors and present the correct search but this is not always the case. We'll introduce a fussy search in the future to improve reliability.

.- You are looking for a common name in a language different from English. D'ont worry, go to Advanced Search, unfold it, and choose your language.

.- The species has changed its name. Taxonomy is a live science, with editions to the database done on a daily basis. WoRMS page has all the synonyms for all the species. You can also try our Media Search page, open the filters pane and choose "Any" from the drop-down "Taxonomic status" list.