Sealife Collection

Sealife Collection’s goal is to provide good media coverage of most of planet Earth’s 242.000 marine species in order to assist scientists, conservationists, divers and the general education community with the identification and classification of marine species.

The Sealife Collection community comprises the people working for Alive Fundació, taxonomists from WoRMS, prominent underwater photographers like Alex Mustard, our initial contributors that uploaded their media collections before the website went public, editors, scientists and friends.

Initial Contributors

Our initial contributors are very special people that have believed in this project since long before it became a reality. They contributed substantial collections so we could have a representation of all the main taxonomic groups. We thank them for their continuing support.

Anthony Holley

Behind this website there is a group of very professional people:

Fitxes de Ferran, Julien, Angels. (Posem links a fitxes Bernat, Josep Vilanova i Jordi Regàs?)